Cold Feet

As a young newly qualified Youth Health Care physician I heard about a conference abroad. It was about children and prevention and that sounded interesting to me. However, it took me several more years before I attended my very first Eusuhm conference, held in Leiden, the Netherlands. Eusuhm stands for European Union for School and University Health and Medicine. Cold feet, three pregnancies and a demanding job held me back. In hindsight I should have attended much earlier as I loved it from the start when I finally did go.

With Passion 

It felt so good to have discussions with fellow physicians and nurses from different countries, to gain understanding of interesting scientific reviews and to hear about how prevention work is set up elsewhere.

And I was proud of what we have achieved so far in the Netherlands, Eusuhm put my profession in a wider perspective. The feeling of pride has stayed, as has the Eusuhm connection, where I now have the opportunity to present my knowledge. How good it is to share our experiences abroad! Highly trained physicians and nurses for child health, passionate about their jobs, collectively give voice to their profession which can send a powerful message.

Almost 40 years ago several Youth Health Care physicians in Europe were equally motivated to share their knowledge internationally; it’s why they founded Eusuhm. Eusuhm have organized 19 conferences so far and each one has been very inspiring. Attending a Eusuhm conference means hearing about new developments and ideas in the field and making new friends. It inspires me enormously to see all those colleagues from all over Europe going that extra mile to improve children’s lives. Public Health does not know any borders. All over Europe public health issues are quite similar: social deprivation, obesity, life style issues, drug abuse, poor mental health, suicides, child abuse, decreasing immunisation rates, addiction etc. Eusuhm connects knowledge and people. In my view the above issues can be tackled more efficiently together than on your own.

Warm and welcoming

Together. That’s what we will be in Rotterdam on 11/12/13th September 2019 during the 20th Eusuhm conference. This is a milestone we are going to celebrate with all our colleagues in Europe. And Eusuhm is not only work focused; it’s also good fun and an opportunity to have a good time, to meet interesting people from abroad and to enjoy the lively international atmosphere and a nice dinner.

There is no need to have cold feet, just register and come to Rotterdam in September ; it’s a warm and welcoming place!

Henrique Sachse